Bowen Island

A couple of weeks back we paid a quick overnight trip to Bowen Island. It’s pretty easy to get to from Downtown Vancouver without a car. A Bus to Horseshoe Bay ($2.20 – 40mins) and then a ferry to Snug Cove ($10.40 ish – 20 mins). We booked an AirBnb about 10 mins from the harbour, so we dropped of our bags and got one of the two island buses to Tunstall bay. Luckily the island buses are on the same travel network as the mainland, and we where within our 90min free transfer window. Win.
We potted around the beaches at Tunstall Bay, and walked along a mix of road and trail to the aptly named Pebbly Beach. We even braved a dip in the sea for the briefest of swims. We where joined by a local women, who helped us identify some of the wildlife we spotted. Mostly Seals in the harbour, and I think I saw a Porpoise, but Row is suspicious of this claim. We also spotted something in the bushes, which we narrowed down to an otter or a mink. We then got the bus back and headed to the the only pub on the island, Doc Morgan’s, for a spot of dinner and watched the sunset.
We potted about in the evening exploring the cove, and even managed to spot a Bald Eagle hunting some fish in the lake near our AirBnb. On our second day we had a little lie in, enjoyed Breakfast, then headed down to the marina to do a bit of Sea Kayaking around the island.
After picking up the boat and a bit of time remembering how rudders work (opposite of paddling) we headed north. Following the coast line though small beaches and bays, we watched the ferries, seals and eagles going about their days. Chancing upon a quiet spot for elevenses, we stopped on on a quite beach at the north of the island. We where shortly joined by Sunny, a dog who’s owners we never saw, but presume where nearby at least.
We paddled back down the coast and had lunch in the park before a hike up to the nearby look out point, with views back to the mainland. Squeezing in a final swift half at the pub, we got the ferry back home in time for a rainy weekend in the city.