The First Week

We’re slowly but surely getting there with the Canadian lifestyle, and more importantly being unemployed! Thursday was sunny again, so we headed up to cycle around Stanley Park. There is a good mix of Forrest trail and the Seawall around the perimeter of the park, and we did a bit of both. Though, when its a little dryer I am pretty keen to have a bit of a shred though the centre of the park. We’ll also need to return on foot try and spot some wildlife. We didn’t see any Beavers or Raccoons this time 😦

After this we pedalled back towards False Creek, locked up the bikes and hopped on the tiny ferry to Granville Island. There’s a pretty decent public market where we picked up some sushi / tofu, and sat in the sun people watching for a while. We then had a nose at the brewery, independent shops, theatres and even a concrete factory, before heading home. There is a play based on the Simpsons I want to go see, but I’m not sure Row is too keen on that.

Friday was very wet, but we cycled up to a freelancer meetup just over the water. It was good to go meet some new people who work in a similar way to me, but also start thinking about work again. Everyone was really nice and gave us lots of tips about living in Vancouver. There where a few Europeans and Aussies in the group too, so was nice to chat about how strange some things in Canada / North America are. On the way out we got chatting to a couple of guys who turned out worked for a company that Row would like to work for. After asking them what they did, they responded CEO & CTO, which was more than a little embarrassing, which we tried to laugh off then promptly ran away.

Saturday we pottered on over to Gastown, which is the oldest area in the city. It was quite refreshing to see “old” (by North American standards at least) buildings after being surrounded by skyscrapers for the previous few days. There are also some sights like the Steam clock to see.

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Admiring the old steam clock in Gastown

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We stopped for coffee in East Van Roasters, who by chance whee giving away free chocolates to celebrate their 5th Birthday. They also support women returning to work though mentorship programs and other charities, so where happy we chose this spot over the hipster coffee place next door. As we wondered around we also chanced upon Purebread, that was mentioned in the guidebook, so of-course we picked up a Brownie and Blueberry Biscuit (which was closer to a scone) which we sat and ate in the park.

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Eyeing up sweet treats in @purebread_canada

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That evening we got the Skytrain down to Queen Elizabeth Park and meet up with some friends of friends who moved out here just under a year ago. It was nice to meet some people who where in the same boat as us, and where happy to share any useful info they had learnt the hard way. The 4 of us then went to see the Spring Lights event, where they light up the Cherry Blossom trees with colours and even some projections. The heavens opened and we where soaked, but it was pretty cool to see, along with some great views of the city and Grouse Mountain from the parks lookout points.

2018-04-14 17.56.45

On Sunday we cycled to Kitsilano. From our understanding it used to be the major hippy part of town, but now days is pretty middle class. But its a really nice pedal on the bike path around False Creek and onto the beach. We stopped at Kitsilano Beach, headed up to West 4th Avenue to see the main shops, then cycled on to Jericho Beach which gave some pretty impressive views of Downtown. For lunch we stopped in Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe, which the guide book warns has queues on weekends. We where lucky to sneak in to a two person booth, an even luckier they had a pretty decent veggie burger on the menu. The walls are littered with signs and memorabilia from the 50’s onwards, so its quite the spectacle.

On Monday it was back to work 😦