The First Couple of days

We weren’t really sure how the first week was going to go, or what we would be doing. The forecast was poor at best, with the typical Vancouver rain welcoming us to the west coast.

Day one ended up surprising us. After a walk around the corner to get breakfast supplies, we unpacked the flat and worked out how to use the coffee machine. By about  11ish the rain stopped, so we decided to take a wander down town, and by the time we reached Canada Place the sun was shining. After mooching around town we headed back to the flat for lunch.

That afternoon we walked the other direction down to Sunset Beach, and walked up to English Bay. These two beaches are about 15mins from our apartment, which Row claims was unexpected, but I presume she’s been planning for months. From English bay you can get a view of the sea, the beach, the city and the mountains all in one. I guess that’s the appeal of Vancouver.

Wednesday was pretty wet, so we had an admin day. We built up the bikes and doubled checked everything was working as it should after the flight. Then we headed down-town, and a few hours later we had bank accounts, credit cards and social security numbers all set up. Which means we now have to get jobs 😦

2018-04-11 14.51.50.jpg
Can confirm it rains in Vancouver. A lot.