The Flight

So, we managed to survive the flight and get into our apartment in Vancouver. Checking in with the bags and bikes was actually pretty easy. Turned up at the airport, bike boxes on trolleys, then headed for the AirTransat check in. Staff saw we had boxes so brought us past the queue straight to the desk! They also guessed we where headed to Vancouver before handing over our passports. After some weighing / form filling and a £20 fee per bike, they where off down the conveyor belt. The hardest part was wheeling them past some of the bollards in the airport.

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Everything we own for the next year or so.

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The flight itself was rather uneventful. Turns out our plane had been upgraded, so the seats we booked didn’t exist, and we where put elsewhere. But Row asked the staff and they moved us to the emergency exit row, with all the legroom we could ever need! So that worked out pretty well too. 10 Hours later we where in Vancouver.

YVR is a pretty cool airport. Its got loads of Native American Art dotted around and huge water features. When we last entered the country they told us to bring our visas if we ever returned, so we where expecting some queues. But, again it was super easy to re-enter. We filled out the landing forms, handed them to an officer and that was that.

Picking up the bags and bikes took a while, but once they arrived they seemed to be in OK condition, with a couple of rips on the cardboard boxes by the handles. Then we managed to find a limo company who had an SUV that the bikes would fit in, and took us to our apartment for about £35.

We picked up the keys from a local 24hour supermarket that had a locker system and code to enter, then we went to bed.