Initial Commit

So, in 8 hours time we’re boarding a plane to Vancouver. We’re sat in my mums house doing the last load of washing, charging all our devices and giving meeter readings for our flat back home.
We’ve got an AirBnb booked for the first 2 months, pretty near the city centre / downtown area of Van. I think its pretty close to the LGBT area, and Street View tells me all the zebra crossings are rainbow coloured, which I’m pretty pleased with tbh. I think there may be cheery blossom on our street too, which will be nice to stroll around in a jet lag induced haze.
Other than arriving there and going to bed, we have no solid plans for the next year, which is an interesting thought The to-do list is pretty long though, including boring admin (Social Security Numbers, Bank Accounts etc) and fun stuff (see a bear, learn to snowboard).
I’ve got this week off work, but next week I have some work lined up for a company in Australia, via the UK. We’ve got some meet ups to go to this week including a freelancer thing on Friday, which will be a good opportunity to meet some new friends.